Big Changes @ Cambridgeshire Policing

The 2 year policing review is about to be fully implemented on 28th April – examples being changes in rota/shift patterns, changes of where officers are based, moving lockers/offices and vehicles to different locations – All hopefully for the better for us.
Major adjustments behind the scenes are being brought into effect – computers and communication systems for example.
I attended a 3¾ Hour meeting last night at Police HQ in Hinchingbrooke – other than the above not really a great deal of progress or decisions were made which is par for the course, although we were told that there are a ‘lot’ of plans being looked at.

I did raise a number of on-going ‘issues’ which has been brought up by residents and members of NHW – and made it very clear to senior officers (like it or not) that the option we’re being told that there are NO resources to address minor concerns by our PSCO’s is NOT an acceptable answer – maybe to be told that when/if resources become available – then these minor issues will be looked at is a better answer to be given.

On the left is ex Whittlesey PC Alan Paul who worked here in the 1980’s on the right is Cllr Ray Bisby, who is the councillor for Cardea and is also Assistant Police/Fire & Crime Commissioner.
With Ray being our neighbour – I have a meeting with him in a couple of weeks time for some updates on the A605/Cardea and Pondersbridge road work enhancements.

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