Beware of the PayPal Phishing e-mails

Some 20 million people in the UK have a ‘Paypal Account’™ including myself.
Fake emails, also known as ‘phishing’ or ‘spoof’ emails, attempt to trick you into revealing personal or financial information such as bank account details, credit card details and passwords etc. These fake emails often link to fake (spoof) websites where your information can be collected if you type it.

07 Dec 2017 06:58:01
PayPal ID# (Link removed by RG)
Hi Roy Gerstner,
Payment of $2640.47 USD to Steve Jeynes is sent.
(Invoice link removed by RG)
It may take up to 30 minutes for this transaction to appear on the account.
Invoice reminder SUB-70241448
Please do not reply to this mailbox. This mailbox is for sending purposes only and you will not get a response.

Always go direct to a website either Banking/e-bay/Paypal etc – 
Check where the e-mail originated from in this case above may look like official PayPal but is not similar to this :- PayPal(US) employment@calldirectpartners.

Where people can make mistakes are as in this case it is addressed to me – with an official looking logo….what the spammer/phisher doesn’t know is that my PayPal account is not known as Roy Gerstner?

Hundreds of people every day – here in the UK are victims of cyber fraudsters – be careful – be aware.

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