Update – B1040 Still Closed @ Sunday 17:00

My thanks to our correspondent – who informs that – Cllr Dee Laws is in contact with the Environment Agency (EA) are aware that Northampton, and surrounding area, were pushing water down to Peterborough and additional rainfall is predicted, so the North Bank will remain closed as will the B1040 all Sunday and Monday, then they will take advice on whether to remain closed on Tuesday.
The contractors can be called in at any time to clear debris off the road (and currently there is quite a bit), the concrete blocks need shifting and gates unlocked but as I say this is unlikely to happen before Tuesday – Some individuals are getting upset when ‘strangely enough’ the A605 is not a fast commute in the morning.
We found out that contractors are due to set up traffic light controlled work to drill holes in the A605 (bridge testing work?) on Monday totally oblivious about the closed roads!
I think that this has now been put back along with the resurfacing of East Delph.

The latest updates can be found in several places try this one


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