Presentation on behalf of East Midlands Waste Management

At last nights (28th) Whittlesey Business Forum meeting, a presentation was given on behalf of East Midlands Waste Management (EMWM) – Ex Saxon Brickworks.
Attending were 7 Whittlesey Councillors² and 21 members of the Business Forum including myself.

The very professional presentation was given by Mr Stephen Rice (Chartered Surveyor)¹
He informed the past history of the Saxon works from when the original Planning Application to ‘stabilize’ the Eastern side of the pit by Hanson Brick back in 2002.
Mr Rice made it very clear to everyone, that this site is NOT a landfill site but in his words, a restoration of the banks using ‘stabilized inert material.

In 2012 an application to extend the time period was made and again in 2017 a further extension (See my post of  24th Match).

The current ‘owners’ are now preparing a new application to include the deteriorating North Face – adjacent to the Railway Line.
A short presentation by Mr Frank Owen (Site Manager) who gave the audience a similar run down on the operation which I described in my previous article 24th March.
Mr Owen has been in his position for 8 weeks and is very experienced in the field of site management. He also emphasised that the project under planning control is NOT a landfill. He explained the audit trail and inspection of suppliers of waste products, he did mention that the recent ‘waste’ that was identified by the Environment Agency (EA) as not being ‘fit for engineering’ purposes had been quarantined and was awaiting disposal to another ‘Landfill site’ nearby.
Mr Rice then made a second presentation about the ‘issues’ and ‘challenges’ he was having with Network Rail™ regarding their none engagement in preparation of the forth-coming planning application.
The North Face of Saxon Pit is only 35 metres away from the railway line.
The river goes beneath the railway line.
Two nearby drains go beneath the railway line.
This next phase (when planning consent is given) will see some 500,000 cubic metres – approx. 1,000,000 tons of ‘Inert’ material (That which is licenced by the EA) needed to shore-up the Northern Bank, this could take up to 5 years to achieve depending on the availability of the ‘Inert material’
Several questions were then asked by 3 councillors, 1 New Business forum member and myself.
1/ The ‘smelly’ material which several residents complained about – was identified by the EA, has subsequently been quarantined and is not toxic or hazardous.
2/ Questions about the amount of Lorries/Traffic being generated under the next phase – Mr Owen indicated that ‘most’ of the HGV traffic would be coming from the Peterborough side of the A605.
3/ Water seepage and Pumping of water, again Mr Owen stated that this is work in progress, a new ditch had been dug out and water collected would be pumped back into a nearby reed bank. (Some issue with electric supply to the pump)
4/ The company which supplied the ‘suspect/now quarantined material is no longer an approved supplier.
5/ The transparency with the Environment Agency is to the benefit of everyone and the EA has stringent checks in place.
6/ There is to be a ‘Liaison Group to be formed, this was emphasised would NOT be councillor based or lead, but should be local residents in conjunction with Mr Owen.
This small group could then flag up any concerns or issues brought to their attention.
7/ Would there be a public consultation on the forth-coming plans, was a good idea, but doubt if time now available – as EMWM are hoping to have the plans submitted by May 2018.
8/ Local resident who lives adjacent to the Pit @ Priors Road, stated that in his opinion, the present site owners had been the best he had experienced, he stated that he had no issues with either ‘smell’ or ‘noise’
Sorry about the length of this article, but I know a lot of people are looking to view this meeting, there were a few other minor questions.
Maybe suggest wait to see that Planning Application when is goes into Cambs CC then if residents/public have any questions or concerns they can either contact EMWM via their ‘Liaison Group or make representation to Cambs CC Planning Department.

¹ Mr Stephen Rice Chartered Surveyor website and projects can be viewed Click Here
² Councillors attending were:
R. Butcher     A. Miscandlon     J. Windle     C. Boden     D. Mason     R. Wicks     E. Dorling

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