Maybe I under estimated the discontent within the Conservatives…

In my several recent postings on the debacle of them selecting or re-selecting or even de-selecting their future candidates, I was some what short in saying it was a ‘disaster’.
It would now appear Editor at large – John Elworthy @ The Cambs Times© has an even better insights..

Conservatives in turmoil in the Fens as president lashes out at his own executive for de-selecting four sitting councillors…
Disarray in the Conservative Party in Fenland spilled over into the annual meeting of the local association with a blistering attack by president Victor Aveling on the de-selection of sitting councillors.”

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Never mind its all smiling and bon ami in the public face – and I dare say this rift & tiff will all be forgotten about in a few weeks or months.

But then again, my ears were well burnt by someone informing me that one of the de-selected councillors was done by the way they had voted on a planning application some years ago – it wasn’t forgotten and it looks like the councillor was punished now some years later….

Plus of course the even thought Mr Elworthy could imply that ‘Decisions’ are being made in secret meetings….. phew – never even thought of that one – Ha pull the other one!!!

Not Happy Bunnies for Easter then –

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