North Bank/B1040 Road Signage (Closures)

I am grateful to Cllr Chris Boden who has followed up my comments about confusion of signage in respect of the B1040 Thorney Road/North Bank Road – Being Closed and Re-opened….
We will all wait and see the next time indeed North Bank is closed – whether the Peterborough Boys do in fact cross the border into Whittlesey and place signage as
detailed below…

“We have some progress on the signage issue for North Bank closures!
Peterborough City Council are indeed responsible for placing and removing signs at the KellyVision roundabout (and also slightly further north on the B1040 hear Hemmerley Drive) relating to the closure of North Bank – I honestly don’t know for sure why this is so, but I don’t really need to dig into that!
The City Council’s Water Management Engineer has spoken to their Network and Traffic Team Manager and they were unaware of the issue around signage recently.
As such the Water Management Engineer will speak to their Highways Maintenance Team and reinforce the details around the diversion route signage for road closures at North Bank.”
Cllr Chris Boden

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