Cambs County Council – Taking the Proverbial

Please note my terminology…you know what I mean – I am not wholly against rises in Council Taxes but I think it rather ‘smug’ of Cambs CC Leader Steve Count in announcing a 2.99% increase in our ‘Rates’ especially when He and his fellow councillors voted to give themselves a basic pay rise of more than £2,000, dismissing an independent report which advised significantly lower.

But following a vote at a full council meeting (July 18th 2017) a 30% increase to £10,315 was agreed, bringing it in line with the national average for two-tier authorities.

A number of special responsibility allowances were also substantially increased, in excess of the recommendations by the council’s Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP), but also in line with the national average.

The chart above explains all….

I am sorry Mr Count am I being somewhat ‘dim’ here, you’re quite happy to go against the Independent report but then raise our precept to almost the limit the government will allow before a referendum is triggered.

I have covered #Councillors Allowances & Expenses# many times, and I am ‘sympathetic’ too there being a fair system for all…
We now have a separate precept/budget for Adult social care, Fire Service, Policing, Water & Waste water and who know’s what else – yes we now see what each service costs and the increases they ask for – but year on year ‘we’ pay more and more…to the extent Mr Count reasoning of taking The proverbial…you know what.

ps I have no choice other that pay up – that’s the system – that’s what we call democracy and that’s the way we live in a free and open democracy like it or lump it.

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