Trending This Week – What A Busy Week…..

So I am almost recovered and almost firing on all cylinders, I have attended 6 various meetings this week and caught up a great deal.
Naturally today is one of our towns BIG days – The Straw Bear Festival
Now in its 39th year with a great deal of support and organisation involved it has become an ‘International ‘ event and bring several thousand visitors into the town over this week end.
More later.

With Heron Foods® Opening their ‘New’ enlarged store on High Causeway (Ex Alice’s)

Some large signage with the now official ‘SUBWAY’ opening in the near future, it makes one think – will everyone survive – especially with this weeks news that the old ‘Morley’s
Petrol Station site could become a – Co-Op convenience store! will this make a very good choice sorry but is there any ‘real’ competition, noting that the Co-Op have bought out NISA wholesale -that could make (4) convenient stores who are supplied by the Co-Op – this only leaves ‘Heron’ as independent – I don’t see that as much choice – sorry.
We will of course have to wait and see whether Lincolnshire Co-Op Group get their planning permission – maybe another Supermarket could come along as before and try and rival this application.
I as my readers are aware do not (normally) do ‘rumours’ – however as with the Subway (rumour) sometime ago, that has come to reality so is there a possibility that ‘COSTA Coffee’  is also about to arrive – I will wait for something official first.

A reasonable Council meeting of Wednesday at least provided us with the Councils finances are in pretty good shape.
The resignation of FDC’s leader John Clark I found disappointing – but I don’t have all the behind the scenes information – although I did speak to a Councillor (Friday) at some length and the usual ‘unhappiness’ is par for the time – give it a few weeks with a new and ‘hopefully’ invigorated Leader of FDC all will be lovely again.

Plenty of news from Cambs Policing with an in depth update from the Chief Constable.
A fantastic new website – very easy to use and report crime as well – see link below.

Issues from Pigeon Poo to The Great Plastic Issues – (No Brexit Here Thank You).
Finally again I must ask (again) why is the state of our pedestrian crossing(s) in such bad and poor shape.

Last time – 2 years ago when I approached Cambs CC Highways -they told me – ‘honestly’ – There was NO MONEY for paint – however a few weeks later a quick ‘lick’ was given!

Here is a picture taken – yesterday 12th January 2018 and it has been in this condition for some considerable time….
The Zeba on Broad Street in not much better.


Wishing all a Good Straw Bear Festival.

Not so busy (yet) next week…..

There is a Finance & Policy + Planning meetings at WTC on Monday.

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