Fenland Conservatives In Meltdown !!!!

Reading John Elworthy article in the Cambs Times® makes very interesting reading.
I have always found Cllr John Clark very helpful and polite in my few dealings with him, and I am somewhat sorry to see him quit.

Cambs Times – Read Article Here

There are some very damaging remarks made by Cllr Clark in reference to Planning, Tourism and lack of entrepreneurial plans and the selection process.

So there is now to be a secret ballot amongst the conservative group councillors.
Could our own Cllr Chris Boden make a stand – already Town/District & County Councillor, will he have the ‘time’ to take on this ‘challenge’ – remembering he is also administering NECCA (North East Cambs Conservative Association)
or maybe Will Sutton the current deputy make a stand – especially as he is one of the named to have been de-selected for the forth coming 2019 local elections.

Maybe another Whittlesey Councillor will make a stand – I can think or at least one.
So the ‘jockeying’ for friends (real or otherwise) now begins – as Cllr John Clark quotes –
Politics is a rough and tumble game.

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