NHW Executive Meeting @ Police HQ Hinchingbrooke

Further to my previous post, there was a very big turn out of Senior Police Offices and Officers from the Police & Crime Commissioners Office in attendance – including the ‘new’ Deputy PCC Cllr Ray Bisby (I had a good conversation with him – more later)

Superintendent Laura Hunt gave a very detailed explanation in how/what’s happening in regards to the ‘Policing Review’ – which will be completed by April 2018

Cambs Policing will be split into (2) areas as (6) areas before – this will be a Northern area and a Southern area. This had had a big effect on the reduction of senior officers.
Whittlesey (Fenland) will now become part of the Northern area – based out of Peterborough – still keeping at present March and Wisbech Police Stations.

Cambs Police ‘quote’ Still has a strong commitment to Neighbourhood Policing.

The better use of the ‘new’ Cambs Police Website – example being the reporting of most crimes – she was questioned about where and who looks at these web based reporting and said that every reported crime will be seen by the ‘Intelligence Unit’ and acted upon.
Public will receive an acknowledgement but will not normally be contacted afterwards unless they are witnesses.

The force was ‘looking’ at training some Police vetted NHW leaders in assisting with Victims support in regards to Domestic Burglary – something we have done in the past,
this could release PCSO time – no decision has been made, the offer was on the table, funding, training and resources were all available and it is now for the Executive to decide whether they wish to take up the offer.

Several other subjects covered as per the agenda.

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