Crime Commissioner Your Views Update

A bit of confusion! – never! –

A correspondent quotes me as saying that the proposed increase could lead to 55 ‘new’ Police Officers – sorry not me –

The Police & Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite is stating these figures – NOT Me…..

At last nights executive meeting, at Police HQ in Hinchingbrooke
Charles Kitchin  Director of Public Engagement and Communication sat next to me.

He informed me that since the consultation process opened last Friday, there were well over 2,000 replies and showed me that over 70% were in favour of an increase of around £1 per month on the Police precept.

Later in the meeting I questioned Superintendent Laura Hunt – how did the constabulary plan to recruit (1) 50+ Police Officers promised from savings and reduction in PCSO’s and now the very imminent possibility of 55 Police Officers from an increase in the Precept….
She said it would be very challenging !!!! – the possibility of 105 (new) officers sounds fantastic – but how many officers has the force lost to early retirement, or natural movements…. A lot of senior posts have gone and I will cover this in my next post.

Maybe – just – maybe – we will see Police Officers in Whittlesey in some form of Neighbourhood Policing – don’t hold your breath….

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