With so much going on…. firstly I was ‘told’ quite categorically that ‘SUBWAY’ (Yet again) – was opening on Friday at the ‘Norwich & Peterborough Building Society’ building.
Here is a photo taken at around 12 o’clock on Friday 02nd December – NO SUBWAY – and  as my previous posts – Myself, and also the chairman of WTC planning are NOT aware of any change of use for this building.
I am NOT saying that a SUBWAY will or will not arrive in Whittlesey – but to those who categorically argued it had arrived – sorry wrong again.
It maybe a long time coming but steady work is producing some nice effects on the ‘Old Hero of Aliwal’ Public House.
It is to become a modern Vets which I am sure the town is in need of.


Further to my earlier posts this week, (click on pictures – to enlarge) the VERY emotive subject of Traffic, Parking and Highway issues is coming to a head once more.
The leaflets to resident (who maybe do not read this blog have now been delivered)
This is the correct version (Fens magazine was printed prior to venue being known)
My own investigations indicate it is a 50 / 50 split – for every resident I have spoken with there are 50% in favour of ‘Major’ road improvement and restrictions and 50% – mainly those who park on the road – do not want any restrictions placed.

I’m sorry but I am unable to attend this meeting, I like some have made arrangements long before this was announced – however I will make a written statement to our County, District and Town Councillors prior to the meeting and will seek my neighbours views for those who again may not be able to attend this meeting.

I strongly urge anyone ‘for’ or ‘against’ any suggestions that may come from this meeting to attend.

So besides everything else happening during a very busy week – Connie and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary.
A nice weekend in London staying at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury and having fantastic seats at the Novello Theatre to see the wonderful  musical ‘Mama Mia’

I had not seen the film which made the show even more exceptional –
A real ‘Feel Good Factor’ – something I am sure we could all do with!!!!

Sorry to say I am winding down a little – time for some sunshine – there will be posts…
I am hoping for some feedback on the Residents meeting…

Finally for those who are unaware  ‘Tesco Opticians’

We’re writing to let you know that we’ve agreed to sell Tesco Opticians to Vision Express. The sale will take place on 4 December 2017.
From that date, Vision Express will take over the operation of the opticians practice in-store, and this will eventually be rebranded to Vision Express.
So on the date of the sale or shortly after it, we’ll start moving all our customers’ eye care records and contact information securely to Vision Express (UK) Limited.
That will allow your eye care to continue in the opticians at your usual Tesco store. We may keep a copy of your records, as required for regulatory compliance.


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