A Very Happy Birthday to a very Special Lady…..

Connie and I have known Jeanne (Beaumont) for many years, a wonderful happy and cheerful lady.
Jeanne was born in 1927, and on arriving in London she worked for the United Service Nursing Club, after the war she moved to Hazelmere where she met George and they got married on the 22nd September 1951, they had one son.
After owning and running a farm, she ran ‘The Royal Oak’ on the old A1 for 17 years, afterward they ran ‘The Catworth Fox’.
George and Jeanne arrived in Whittlesey 22 years ago.
Involved in voluntary work, she worked with the Red Cross at Peterborough Hospitals for 15 years. Jeanne has 4 Grandchildren.

A Very Happy Birthday Jeanne and many more to come….



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