Happy – Happy – Happy…

Well somewhat ‘HAPPY’ – I have been campaigning and lobbying for many years to have a ‘deposit’ scheme placed on items which ‘people’ rubbish our environment with.
I do NOT profess to be a Tree Hunger (I like trees).. but for 10+ years I’ve been cleaning up other peoples rubbish which ‘they’ discard around our town.
On a wider subject – this is a national and world problem, and for sometime major players like Sky TV have been highlighting the issues surrounding plastics for example.
Years of lobbying some very deaf ears, has just maybe made an impact, with the Chancellor/Government of the day – now seriously looking into tackling the issue/problem.
2 Billion Coffee Pods thrown away – difficult to recycle – into landfill
2 Billion Coffee Cups thrown away – plastic membrane – difficult to recycle.
4 Billion Plastic bottles thrown away – difficult to recycle.
Billions of cans thrown away – much ends up in Landfill
Billions of Polystyrene Take-away containers – difficult to recycle – again Landfill
On and on and on….when and where will it stop.

Of course if everyone was responsible ‘we’ wouldn’t find tons of these items discarded in and around Whittlesey and our Villages.
I don’t like paying taxes more than anyone else, but with a deposit scheme one could recoup most of any tax placed on the above and if I collect other peoples discards I could make a ‘profit’
I sincerely hope that the Government is at last serious at tackling the problem it is about time.
Stories all over this weekends papers.

As a foot note: The press and to an extent the Chancellor has been a bit mislead by the mighty ‘Coca-Cola Company’ – For quite some considerable time -they were totally against any pro-active idea of a ‘deposit scheme’ on bottles and cans – but as late as this year – have now ‘appeared’ to have changed their tune….which I am very HAPPY about.

So we await the Chancellors speech later this week….

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