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I see there has been a bit of comment about Whittlesey Railway Station – again – with how much the ‘latest’ consultation is costing (eye watering).
I and a couple of other Whittlesey residents have attended many Community Rail Partnership meetings over the last few years – along with ‘some’ of our councillors on occasions!! – I have been quite vocal at some of these meetings and got absolutely no where – which I more than expected. Something ‘simple’ like better lighting and access could take ‘years’ and everyone ‘blaming’ someone else for the delay.
It wouldn’t be bad if a decision could be made.
Whittlesey Railway Station is never going to be a ‘picturesque’ – ‘quaint’ station.
Those who use the trains and some that may – want more frequent trains stopping at Whittlesey – alas the mathematics of trains running ‘through’ is very complex.
So if you feel strongly enough – why not attend the next ‘Public Meeting’ on:
Monday September 11th 2017 – I hope to attend.

Whittlesey Town Council Full Council meeting is being advertised on the WTC Website as being held on Wednesday August 09th – I question if this is so, as there is not a meeting usually held in August, our own Clerk will be on her well deserved holiday – so unless WTC are hiring-in TJ to do the Clerks job – I maybe wrong, please correct me if so.

Our Community Police inform me, that there is ‘More’ antisocial issues going on in/around the Manor Field area – surprising since it is School Holidays! – although there is one councillor who refuses to admit the two have anything to do with one another – really.
In New Zealand – they have issues as well but have been running a successful initiative –
Kids in Sport – Stay out of Court – and it seems to have worked in many areas (NZ that is)
Whilst in New Zealand a few years ago, I spent 2 days ‘volunteering’ with the ‘local’ Community Probation Service – only a few wayward kids – we had a bit a fun and work – no problems.

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