My Spare Time – I Should Be So Lucky!

Jesting only, yes I do manage some quality time off now and then, so this is what I have been up too in the last couple of weeks…

Amongst the memorabilia (Junk to some) hanging on my garage wall is a 1960’s replica Ship Wheel, which needed a lot of TLC to get it back to the condition above (Done by me)
Beside the Wheel are 10 tonne shackles – used on ships to secure heavy items.

Below the Ships Wheel is our 2012 Queens Jubilee Bench (Oak) which I planned to donate at the time to a Whittlesey Group/Church – However when Connie saw it she decided she wanted it – This also has had some TLC and all looks good now.

Before anyone asks the answer is NO – I am not doing anyones project similar to the above.

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