Report from WTC Meeting Wednesday 14th Part 1

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

The agenda for this meeting was posted on this website 10th June 2017
Present were myself and 3 other regular members of the public.

All Councillors were present with the exception of Cllr Martin Curtis.

The Police, CCTV And Street Officers reports….the last two will be posted separately.
I have not as yet sighted the Police report, however Cllr Mrs Mayor had a meeting with Neighbourhood Sergeant Lugg with various concerns involving anti-social behaviour.
Irrespective of National major concerns, our local Policing are stretched and every call has to be prioritised.
At the Pubic forum, I informed Councillors of ‘RIPA’ – Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) which sets out what agencies, councils and others can and can not carry out – which also includes CCTV. I also supported WTC comments of the excellent work that FDC’s Rapid Response team carry out.
Mr Bernard Gray-Esson highlighted the lack of prosecutions in respect of Fly-Tipping and Littering.

Please see part (2) ‘Environment Report – FDC’s Street Scene Officers will now be joined with Peterborough’s private company called ‘Kingdom’ for enforcement purposes.

There was an excellent presentation by FDC’s conservation officer Katie McAndrew she is carrying out a review and management plan for Whittlesey.
There will be no overall expansion of the conservation areas.

A605 – It was reported that WTC Councillors had meetings with PCC in respect of the A605 junctions at Park Farm/Cardia – PCC has this bottleneck quite high on its priority list.

Kings Dyke Crossing – Chairman Cllr Butcher informed that the ‘Land Issues’ had been resolved although not as yet formally signed. The successful bidder has yet to be announced and this has caused another delay – it is hoped that the contract will be signed in August (This Year) and that ‘hopefully the project will be completed by the end of 2018

Must Farm – 3 Councillors representing Whittlesey have had meetings with Peterborough CC and Forterra – owners of the land.
The councillors came away with some positive remarks, trying to have Whittlesey correctly identified as the area and for some of the artefacts to remain locally.
Some ‘plan’ to invest £7 Millions for Peterborough Museum and £4 Million for Flag Fen was mentioned!

Neighbourhood Plan – Is progressing per schedule and there is to be a ‘Workshop’ on 11th September.

Community Rail Partnership – There will be a meeting on September 11th at 6pm at Fenland Hall. I was at one time included in the updates to the CRP and have attended many meetings, however like others I am ‘off’ the mailing list and therefor not always aware when these meetings take place.

Footnote – Hurrah Hurrah – I am informed that the ‘Out of Use Toilet’ is now back in use. So now we have ALL toilets fit for purpose – until the next time some Low Life decides to vandalise or set fire to them again.

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