The Good and The Bad

A lovely afternoon of music at St Andrews Field this afternoon, pity it was not supported by more people, only 20 or so at 2pm and maxed at about 75 by 4pm. Free event, Bar by Colin at The Falcon – BBQ & Ice Cream Man – BYO Picnic and I was very impressed by ALL the musicians.

Maybe everyones gone to the Elton John Concert!!!!

Once more some ‘Low Lifers’ are at their game again, this afternoon whilst carrying out my therapeutic rubbish picking campaign, I had just done High Causeway and came back 3 minutes later to find ‘The Yobs’ had deposited 2 boxes worth of Chips they had just bought, I cleared up the Boxes, but not the Tomato Sauce laden Chips.

To these ‘Low Lifers’ I say bugger off somewhere else – good job I didn’t catch them in the act – I would have run them down in my mobility scooter and probably got locked up for it.
No CCTV – No Police – No Street Scene Officer – No Money
Same old answers…..

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