What’s Trending This Week – Whittlesey

Lets not go national or global – plenty of that news on the TV.

An excellent community turn out at our Christian Church on Broad Street this morning, to raise monies for the Whittlesey Festival later in the year. Magic and good prizes in the raffle – Sorry but I did come away with 2 prizes and a box of cakes for my neighbours (honest). The Ex ‘Hero of Aliwal’ is slowly taking shape and hopefully will be open soon as a very modern vets.
Very good to see my good friend Kenny C – who manages the ‘Payback Team’ (or what-ever they are politically called now).
He is very happy to have a ‘New Van’ with all mod-cons – today whilst I was Litter Picking he and his small team were cleaning up and strimming along Briggate West.
Kenny informs me he is very motivated now he has new lawn mowers and strimmers that are up for the job – as shown he has been a bit ‘Desk’ bound for 12+ months….needs more fresh air.

Of course it wouldn’t be Saturday if not for the fact that the ‘Broken Toilet’ is still Broken.
When I ask ‘a’ councillor today why and what progress there might be – I was given a very negative reply -NOT MY WARD’ better ask one of the others.
So with a ‘Whittlesey Town Council’ sponsored (Your money) Music event next week I again wonder if after 11 or 12 weeks whether the ‘Toilet’ will be fixed – Watch this space – I might be lucky to report next week that all is order – or maybe NOT.

See below the Agenda for this coming Wednesday Full Town Council meeting….

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