Retrospective Planning Required – I don’t think so…..

My thanks to several who enquire of the well being of our two tortoises ‘Suntan’ & ‘Timmy’
Well I can report they are doing just fine, eating and sleeping well – sleeping is their main hobby and some juicy dandelions when available.
So this week – they were given a ‘New House’ – we have been on this project for a couple of weeks…..New House – I doubt if they know the difference –

The Old House                                            The New House with removable roof.

The New House with thermal cladding and wall to wall cushion flooring

Aye Aye – What’s all this then…. Didn’t take long before they found their ‘New House’
Now with a Felt Roof, still awaiting the Chimney and Satellite Dish!

Suntan is a Mediterranean Spur Thigh Tortoise as is her friend Timmy, she is around 80+ years old and Timmy is around 50 years old – we have had them for over 40 years.

No retrospective planning permission required.

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