One Toilet still Out Of Order….

I apologise to all about ‘harping’ on about this issue – but it would seem I am the only one..
After is it now 9 or 10 weeks (1) Toilet is still Out of Use…
I looked at the ‘new’ locking mechanism that has been put on the other (2) toilets and have my doubts as too how robust they are! – we shall have to wait and see..
Whilst on the Market Square had a good talk with the Street Scene Officers who were doing a survey and campaign of ‘one of my favourite subjects ‘Littering’ – still ‘they – FDC’ are making small progress.
It would appear (My informant was not these Street Scene Officers) that FDC and Peterborough City Council (PCC) are about to join forces in regards to enforcement of Littering etc…hopefully more regular patrols and ‘enforcement with prosecutions will take place – I and my ‘friends’ can not wait quick enough – bring it on!!!!!

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