Cyber Attack (Part 2)

Just some of – Mission Control at my home.

Only a couple of weeks ago, a good friend, who should know better – needed to spend well over £100 to get his laptop cleaned out of ‘rubbish’ – because he relied on Window security only – not good enough. Another friend lost control of his laptop and could not access his ‘passwords’ – this one I dealt with and was successful in ‘hacking’ and resetting his initial and subsequent passwords – he was very happy to be able to use his laptop again, but I demonstrated how relatively easy it was to do (with knowledge).

As I/we at NHW have been promoting for some time now – Cyber type crime is at our doorstep – unless you are totally ‘Off the Grid’ which not many are – you are vulnerable.

As in the previous post there are some very simple ways of protecting yourself from 98% of being ‘Hacked’ –
We are all complacent/guilty as far as passwords are concerned – so many needed most people use the same passwords where-ever they go – but by just making passwords a bit stronger – reduces the chances of being ‘Hacked’ – why not use symbols like #@£+ before and after you normal password helps a great deal.
One of the weakest links which not many (around 2%) people address is their router – they leave the system with its default settings – which again to the ‘Snooper/Hacker’ is easy prey.
Many of us use Internet Banking – I have done so for well over 15 years – always make sure you are connected to your bank and not the ‘Hacker’ always look for https://
which is a secure website you should always get a small lock sign on the toolbar.
There are other ways to check to see if you are using a legitimate website.

I could go on for hours, but not here to conduct courses – take ‘Action Fraud’ advice and hopefully I/you/we will not get hit – we are just reducing the risk –

Lots of different companies that address Virus/Malware/Randomware – just need to invest a few £££ every year – yes there is some free ones – I would rather pay a premium and get the latest versions that try and keep up with the ‘Hackers’

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