Urgent reading required – Please

Last year there was an application for an ‘Anaerobic Waste Plant’ at Horsey Toll, the company ‘EnviTec Biogas’ withdrew this application in January, the picture is for illustration purposes only.

However they have re-submitted their planning application.

Below is just the headline – to read the whole article please spend 5 minutes reading some of the implications.

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“Erection of Gas to Grid Anaerobic Digestion Plant to comprise four digester tanks, technical operations building, silage clamp, storage lagoons, four liquid waste tanks, Gas Flare, Gas Upgrading System (GUS) and Gas Entry Unit (GEU), separator, cooling unit, transformer, heating kiosk and two underground propane tanks”

Site: “Land adjacent to Horsey Toll Farm, Whittlesey Road, Peterborough” (Peterborough Road (A605))
(Please note: Cardea is too new for this map!)

This is a huge development that involves significant amounts of waste and hazardous substances.

The site is intended as an “100,000 tonne per annum” Anaerobic Digestion Plant and  “The operation of the plant would require the import of approximately 64,000 tonnes of feedstock annually”

“A total of 24 tonnes of propane gas would be stored on site in two tanks or 12 tonnes each. “The tanks require re filling once every two weeks

In the article are a great number of concerns, finalising in that
(13) This site is Totally Inappropriate for this type of development.

A number of Peterborough Councillors and Conservative MP Shailesh Vara are all objecting and working on the case.

Whittlesey Town Council have in the past been consultees on this would be application, and I sincerely hope they will be again.

Comments close on the 20th May – and our next Full Council meeting will be this coming Wednesday 10th May, maybe Councillors could include this in any other matters (Ward concerns as the agenda would have been published).

Although I like many would like to keep an open mind about AD’s – this site as stated is in totally the wrong place – for ALL the reasons given.

Please read the article and if YOU think there are concerns – well we have (2) newly elected County Councillors to start with, including Cllr David Connor who is very versed with this type of application.

If you have not done so Please Read The Article it maybe the most important 5 minutes reading you will need to do for a while.

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