Election over – Congratulations & Commiserations

So it is congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the losers – that’s democracy at its best even though a poor turn out – when only 25 – 30% bother to vote.
Now of course with such a decisive majority and mandate – will they deliver on their promises – we will wait and see – of course ‘us’ within Whittlesey really hope that the delivery of the Kings Dyke Crossing will happen – when it does – everyone will be Happy – but that is just the beginning.
One thing I can guarantee is that ‘we’ will all be worse off in some respect or another financially irrespective whoever wins locally or nationally, but again that’s politics for you.
So again, candidates well done, at least you gave the electorate a choice, but I repeat 70% of the electorate didn’t bother –

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