Trending this Week – 30-04-17

Good to see our NisaLocal reopened – work still in progress and from the signage will be open tomorrow – Bank Holiday Monday.
All looking good and modern.
Once the Post Office re-opens – will be for extended hours.

Been a good week on my ‘therapeutic’ LitterPicking campaign ‘only collected 5 bags worth of Rubbish this week! – Still I wasn’t on my own there are several of us that go out regularly beyond organised events.

I see that ‘we’ have had some investment put into our Railway Station – everything has been nicely re-painted Spick & Span except the low life who left all their rubbish in the shelter, the bin being only a few metres away – never mind I cleared it up – no problem. A nice newish looking cycle rack and a platform that was swept and clean.

By the time I returned into town, another like minded LitterPicker had added another bag to my #2 Bag – Notice of course that our 3 Public Toilets are ‘still’ unusable/closed/out of action. However ‘someone’ has at least made a sort of professional sign to inform us that the toilets are out of use – rather than the hand written scribble that was there for a number of weeks – so how long is it now – not quite sure but at least 5 if not 6 weeks out of order – ‘still waiting for parts’ – this is becoming an embarrassment to our town.
I will asking again this week as to where the parts are and when they expect to arrive.

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