Interesting Morning

I thought I would go at 10am to see/speak with Mayor Candidate James Palmer – alas I like the ‘group conservatives’ who were also waiting were kept waiting? -so had a chat to several who were hanging about, I then cleared off carrying on my Litter Picking campaign and came back at around 11:00 when Mr Palmer turned up – I had my 5 minutes with him, his priority to me was to get more trains to stop at our dilapidated Railway Station (Yes he had his photo taken there). His (£££) funds to me were like a rubber band – everybody appears to be promised a bit – and he said he needed more than 4 years to ‘fix’ things – that I well believe.

A short while later the ‘group’ conservatives met up with Mr Palmer and they had a shortish gathering, he went off to meet the public.
I thought I would catch up and make contact with another candidate (County Council elections)
Ms Karen Alexander-Green (Green Party)
who corrected me in telling me that ‘they are contactable on Facebook™ / Twitter™ and via their website and if sending a message – is read several times a day.
Back into the town centre I had a chance meeting with old school friend Billy Wright (Morleys) – he has been having a more in depth soil surveys taken from his land at the Old Petrol Station on Whitmore Street/Peterborough Road.
I asked him what developments might be happening – and he said it was a ‘secret’? – Still hopefully one day the land will be sold and another eye-sore coming into Whittlesey will be cleared up.
Otherwise market traders said it was a quiet day.

The Cambs Times™ has a full article on the election candidates, how they obtain the information is that once candidates have been accepted, they (Cambs Times) writes to every candidate inviting them to send in (up to 300 words) their manifesto and a photo.
Most candidates if not publishing any other material find this the best avenue to promote themselves, however I see that there is one who couldn’t even be bothered to do this.


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