Message from Fenland Crime Reduction Officer

Please see below the following crime prevention messages…
I am sure at least one of these will be relevant to you. ​With the nicer weather the following crimes need to be prevented with that in mind please take a few moments to read the below crime prevention messages.

Home security:
​Please make sure all Windows and doors are locked when you leave. ​If you do have windows open when you are in you home please make sure you have fixed restrictors to stop criminals putting their hands inside. Don’t answer the front door until you have locked the back door. ​Always have your doors locked when you are inside your property or out in the garden. ​It only takes a few seconds for an opportunist to take your belongings. ​Don’t leave spare keys under pots, or fake stones, criminals are wise to these and will look. Leave a radio on loud enough to be heard. ​If your going away leave light’s set on a timer switches in room’s that you use regularly (not a hallway) we don’t live in the hall. ​Consider fake T.V. ​ Don’t leave house/car keys where they can be hooked. Hide them away.
​External & Sheds:
Make sure gates are double locked and barred if possible. Closed shackle padlocks are a good investment for both gates and sheds. ​If you have expensive bikes, lawn mowers and tools, make sure they are security marked, paint tools in distinctive colours and ensure that where possible valuable items are locked together and if possible chained to the floor. ​Make sure shed’s, outbuilding and garages are locked and barred or where possible, windows covered with netting or boarded so can’t be seen into. External lights on motion sensor. ​Make sure bins aren’t able to be used as a climbing aid.
​Where possible don’t keep caravans at your home address! ​If caravans stored at home address make sure they are situated on your drive with the tow facing away from the road, remove a wheel and lock them securely. (consider motor mover)! ​Mark them with paint and put a distinctive mark on the roof, anything to make them less desirable to a thief. Works vans: We have seen an increase in tool thefts from works vehicles over the last week. ​
Please remember to remove tools from vehicles where possible. ​Consider additional locks they might not look aesthetically pleasing but will offer a deterrent. Park vehicles close together or against garage where possible. ​Consider signage informing no tools left inside. Mark the tools distinctively so traceable. ​Consider additional alarms.

​You can find more crime prevention advice on our website along with a home security survey and also an interactive house. ​Follow us on Facebook  [email protected] or [email protected] ​Twitter@fencops or @cambscops

Many thanks Julie Bailey Crime Reduction and Community Safety Officer Fenland.

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