A Night to Remember

Being part of the organising committee of the 1st 67 School Reunion held on the 11th April 1997 – 20 years ago today. It was our first reunion some 30 years after leaving Sir Harry Smith – a very well attended event went on until after 2am in the morning.
Several ‘friendships’ were renewed. A great time had by us all.
We since relived the occasion twice more – but the first one is always remembered as the best…..
Surprising that the guy who’s hair looked like it had been dragged through a hedge when a schoolboy – still had the same hairstyle! – and the guy who picked his nose at school – well lets not go there.
Nice to see and bump into several of our old School Friends locally even now – of course some of us have reached the Golden age of 65, some have yet to come.
Good Memories…..

I also made the banners and all the name tags for the evening –

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