Reply from MP Stephen Barclay

I have now viewed the reply from MP Stephen Barclay in response to my correspondence to him on February 17th concerning s deposit scheme for recycling of plastic, glass, bottles and containers, the article I wrote is below.
See Here
I have to say I am somewhat disappointed in ‘his’ reply – the contents of the letter tells me nothing I already know – and more importantly – when ‘questioned’ in my mail as to whether he has changed his ‘views’ in supporting this important initiative – no comment?
So has our once very engaging MP got himself into a very comfortable position – moving with promotion up the ranks of government – one of his latest vocal outbursts being the potential to ‘axe’ the £880K contribution to the A14 upgrade – sorry Steve you are ‘years’ too late!
Here is the answer I received – decide for yourself?

Of course talking of litter/fly tipping – as I’ve just returned from our winter break, and going towards Fengate/Boongate – one can not but ‘notice’ the ‘vast’ amount of rubbish that has accumulated in the area – but (un) fortunately that is a Peterborough problem,
lets hope it doesn’t come our way.


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