Not much trending this week – I don’t think so!


 I’ll start with my usual ‘rant’ of Fly-Tipping – yes it will just not go away – and of course this is long before the reality of the ‘Brown Bin’ issues come into effect – just because ‘other’ councils state that the introduction of the ‘Tax’ has not increased fly-tipping – does not mean it will not happen in Fenland for us in Whittlesey.

This weeks very kind person(s) decided to dump an old mattress near Decoy Lakes and an old settee on Turningtree Road.

My correspondent informs me that again thanks to FDC’s Rapid Response Team – the said items were quickly removed.
Fantastic work guys – but we the tax/rate payer are having to fund this.
I don’t often get involved in other area’s Councillor problem, but the never ending character assassination of individuals becomes a bit tiresome – namely Councillors in Wisbech forever hacking on another – nothing wrong with holding councillors to account or questioning, but I would have thought with all the so called problems that Wisbech has – they would be better off addressing these instead of each other.

I’ll give MP Steve Barclay some well deserved kudos this week for having had a go at The Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP (GCGP) for what ‘appears’ to be ‘Quango’s gone a bit crazy again. Looks like a lot of money (yours and mine again) going almost everywhere except Fenland which received a mini amount
of £46,000 in a total of 1 grant – Cambridge Council receiving 12 grants of over £1 Million, seems to me that Fenland has lost out again – and thanks Mr Barclays for trying to hold another Quango to account – of course
they will attempt to defend themselves?

I have to report this week, that yet another sad person(s) have removed flowers from the Whittlesey Cemetery – have these poor people got nothing better to do with their bored lives.

Still Connie & I are still enjoying sunshine – we are in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) where I last visited as a 21 year old in 1972 during the Viet War. A vibrant and very clean city.

7 Million Motorbikes Cocktail Hour              Fresh Coconuts            Notre Dame Cathedral

The wonderful ‘Majestic Saigon’ build 1925   Full of history                Connie

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