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bear2Thanks to our ‘correspondent’ who sent the following after attending WTC meeting this Wednesday.
Good that PCSO Green and Froment were in attendance – and the reaction received was positive.
Police Matters.
Illegal parking in Windmill Street.
Anti-social behaviour has decreased over recent weeks.

Kings Dyke Bridge.
Information is almost ready to put out to contractors so they can submit tenders. Decision on selecting contractor should be made in the spring. 

There were no major planning applications.

Neighbourhood Plan.
Progressing. The questionnaire is almost complete.

Route 63 Cycleway.
The new gate was installed in December.  It was vandalized soon after but was repaired immediately.  It is hoped that the gate is robust enough to dissuade further efforts to damage it. 

Commonwealth  Day.
Whittlesey Town Council has received a flag.

Peterborough Local Plan.
Councillor Bristow was the only Councillor to have studied this document.  He reported that Peterborough City Council intends to build 27,000 homes by 2036.
4,700 of these have already been built.

PCC also intends to invest heavily in public transport and employment opportunities.
The document is very lengthy and, apparently,  lacking in excitement.

Budget Proposals.
Councillor Dorling  submitted the following information:
Precept – £171, 015

Currently WTC is underspent on this year’s budget and estimates it will be £20,000 “on the right side of budget” by the end of the year.

Good to hear that the ‘Kings Dyke-Bridge’ is progressing…I wonder !!! when the Bridge is built, whether the Anti-Social Doom Mongers will eat humble pie and give those who made it happen the credit it will deserve – Of course ‘when’ it is built?

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