Trending this week – 10th December 2016

Well not being in the UK at present I am unable to attend the council meeting (To the delight of ‘some’ councillors I understand!) – However the downside – No one sends any information over to me – those who may have attended… so sorry….
This is what is on the agenda.

Two other items that caused me some concern being:
1/ The attempted break-in of vehicles along/around Snoots Road, however as in previous similar instances – the vehicles concerned were left unlocked – this is a big temptation for someone to rummage around to see if they can find anything – Lock It or Loose It….
2/ The second concern that being of I ‘quote’ from anti-social media, that the usual faceless person complains about the toilets being ‘filthy’, this raises several issues.
Since I can not confirm the state of the toilets, if the person who found them in such a state – why did ‘they’ not take a picture of the ‘filthy’ state and why did they not report it immediately to either WTC of FDC
Toilet In ORDERWhenever I have met the Street Cleaners and actually seen them ‘perform’ their cleaning of the toilets – it has always been to a very high standard – now what happens after they have left is no their fault. The toilets were refurbished a couple of years ago and other than some vandalism I would consider normally fit for purpose – Show me the evidence please and I am sure our councillors will be very quick off the mark.

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