What has been trending this week….

Well I ‘quote’ the usual rants and raves on our anti-social media sites, with an almost 100% negativity about the ‘usual items that has been circulating for months if not years.
In fact ‘they’ ran out of ‘rants’ so decided to move and whinge about the traffic around the ‘Amazon’ area…. having not enough to complain about locally.

One or two controversial planning applications was on this weeks agenda….

40th-wedding-inv-01For Connie and I – well we are away…. celebrating our 40th Wedding (Ruby) Anniversary, here at ‘The Majestic’ in Kuala Lumpur – we came earlier in the year and checked it out.
Joined by most of our Malaysia Family along with good friends Andrew and Sue from Whittlesey.



161129-01  161202-24  161202-20
161202-23a  161202-14a  161202-21
The fantastic ‘Orchid Room’ with over 400 orchid plants – Afternoon Tea for two

161203-04    161203-02
A marvellous buffet that lasted 4 hours – with multi cultural food for everyone.

My letter from K.L. (As the well educated readers may know -Alistair Cooks letter from America on the BBC for over 40 years – ended on a note).


Wishing our very good friend Jeanne Beaumont ‘A Very Happy Birthday’ – Jeanne is a very spritely octogenarian – may there be many more Happy Days….

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