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I see that ‘Speeding’ on the North Bank has come back again, this seems to be a regular item on various social media. The times several of us have enlightened the public as to ‘who’ this road belongs too – I’ve lost count. The ‘Policing’ of the whole stretch of road to the Dog-In-The- Doublet bridge is Peterborough Police, Fenland Police will only get involved in the case of emergencies or to support the Peterborough Sector.
North Bank Speeding Car 01If people would as usual do some basic research – they would find out all the history behind ‘accidents/deaths/speeding along this stretch of road.
It was only after the last serious accidents that concerted pressure by several of our councillors at the time along with MP Steve Barclay making representations to 151210 - Camera Van 02Peterborough City Council, that the latest safety measures were put into place.
This actually all happened very quickly including the installation of the safety barriers.
As far as enforcing the speed limit – as again I have reported on so many occasions – there has been a reduction in the number of Speed Camera Vans – and it is a shared resource between 3 counties and can not be everywhere at once.
North Bank Speeding Motorcycle 01The answer as happened along the 40 Foot Bank – is ‘Average Speed Camera’s – I do not accept the argument that getting Power is difficult – Yes it would be costly to get the power, that’s completely different –
It depends on the ‘will’ that Peterborough want to give it.
Without another concerted effort and lobbying by both the Public and as many of our Councillors as possible – to Peterborough CC to drive the request onwards for Average Speed Camera’s or – I hope not more deaths.
As the better informed have said – It is not the road – it is the way and speed that drivers using the road are who are responsible – Drive at the speed limit and I doubt if you or I will have a problem.

I have written to Peterborough Police and Peterborough NHW to request more regular speed enforcement be carried out on this stretch of road.

(Photos from Archives ©R.G.)

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