Cambridgeshire Police – Requiring Improvement

HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary)

AN HMIC report on efficiency, published 03/11/16  has rated the force as ‘requiring improvement’.

The report assesses the efficiency of forces as part of the police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy programme (PEEL).

Assistant Chief Constable Nav Malik said: “We accept the findings of HMIC’s efficiency report. While we are disappointed with the overall judgment, we recognise the issues raised and are already taking steps to address the findings and improve in the areas identified.

To read the full report from HMIC Click Here (A lot of reading)

To read the full constabulary response Click Here (Takes about 5 minutes to read)

Already a great deal of excuses and rhetoric, ‘if’ of course there are systems already in place to address the HMIC report then that’s good – but can the public can believe it.

The PCC (Police & Crime Commissioner) of course has ‘only’ been in his post for a relative short period – yes I accept as in many of my previous posts that ‘Policing’ is very challenging in these days.
One of my idea’s never looked at is the complete amalgamation of neighbouring forces.
We do not need 43 different Policing areas in England.
We do not need 43 Chief Constables, Assistance Chief Constables and 43 PCC’s – a vast savings if I ever saw one – but the police are very institutionalize.

I am not advocating 1 authority which now exists in Scotland, but I believe a maximum of 10 regions would bring about vast efficiencies and that savings would more than pay for front line policing.

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