What a success .. This Website.. Community Activist & News

This website (I don’t particularly like the phase ‘Blog) has been going for some 6+ years, it is not all about ‘politics’ or accountability, but about everything I find within ‘our’ community. Last Friday over a 24 hour period some ‘3,200’ people visited this website – not all from the UK I might add! – but the majority did come within our area – what a success.
No hearsay, No innuendo, and most importantly No lies – what you see is what you get.
Yesterdays report on the Police Station/PCSO Moll had 1,300 people look at the post.

Thank you for your support…..The Whittlesey monthly magazines are fine for community groups and advertising but the ‘News’ is somewhat out of date and remember they are in it for a business and profit!

As people are aware Faceless Book and Twinter have a great deal of mis-information at times, many trolls and wind-up merchants and most hide behind anonymity, very good for getting ‘real’ messages and news out to a lot of people at one time…..suites some people.

I will promote ‘any’ community group, publish other peoples opinions and support any charitable event – just let me know…..

There are ‘some‘ community groups that do not want me to promote them – that’s fine – just let me know….

I am NOT hiding behind Anonymity….

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