Going, Going – Gone – Postscript #1

161031-04Further to my post yesterday re the Clearing out of our Police Station and the ‘loss’ of PCSO Ian Moll.
I need to make the community aware that whilst I was talking with PCSO Moll outside of Barclays Bank at around 14:30 – within a period of 10 minutes, he was approached on 3 occasions –

(1) We witnessed a lady falling over the kerb nearby the ‘George’ – fortunately no serious injury.
(2) Two members of the public reported to him their suspicions of a shop lifter in ‘Boots’ which he went off to investigate.
(3) A member of the public making a general enquiry.

All this within a 10 minute timescale – that’s why it is so important to have ‘some’ visible’ presence of Policing within our area.

A bit late on, which he did not witness, was what appeared to be ‘road-rage’ on the corner of Market Street/Broad Street where there are major road works on-going.

A question that needs to be asked is ‘why’ there has been little or nothing from any of our Councillors either in the press, or in our local magazines. There was a shortish questioning at the Town Council meeting of the 12th October – many Councillors had NO questions – why?

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