What’s Trending This Weekend

A very good week at 4 events supporting Macmillan and their big Coffee & Cake meet-ups.
Surprising that I met the same group of people at each event – sounds familiar.

manor-bench-repairAs reported in my WTC meeting update, the Picnic Bench at the Manor Field was to cost £130 to repair after being allegedly vandalised. Looking at the repair!!! – seems rather an expensive exercise to replace 2 slats and repair the rest of the table top.
I have started to notice that ‘Our Council’ appear ‘Flush’ with money at present and are what appears to be on a spending spree with Ratepayer Money!
I did also notice at the Manor Field another bench with a complete new (untreated) top, maybe the £130 included this bench as well – I hope so.

Many may have seen the article in the Cambs Times© this week Re – Two Top Fenland Councillors faced action over Council Tax   Click Here for Story

Whilst I may fully sympathise for those who fall on hard times for what ever reason – I have been made redundant 3 times in my work life not knowing what the financial future may hold – Councillors are ‘ordinary people’ however sometimes people have to set an example and ‘If’ Council/Councillors expect the public to pay their taxes – it is not unreasonable for those who are elected to govern us – to do the same in timely fashion.

The website is having a holiday – I’ll post up anything relevant or important.e

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