Parking Issues/Concerns at New Queens Street Surgery

I note that the ‘odd’ complaint is starting again, re-parking at NQS.
Why not ‘complain’ to the Surgery? – why whinge on social media, a written complaint will require a written answer!.
Maybe some remember that this ‘issue’ has been raised before, and although I sympathise with people using NQS, I too am a patient. I find that if I go at least 15/20 minutes early, it allows sufficient time to find a space.
As an original member of the NQS Patients Participation Group, we have raised this issue on many occasions, I took on to do a survey, and somewhere in these archives, there will be some results. I remember that I identified ‘6’ vehicles which appeared not to belong to the Surgery and suspected that these drivers – parked up and disappeared the rest of the day/week. That survey was sometime ago, and should the PPG ask me again to carry out another survey I am more than willing to do so.
Remember that it is not only patients using the car park legitimately – there is all the staff at the surgery which has increased along with the increase in patients.
There are staff from Boots Chemist, there are workers from specialists that support the surgery and day attendees on training and seminars.
New Queen Street Surgery opened with some 6,000 patients, it now has more than 11,000 patients registered.
If you are experiencing ‘issues’ with parking, please make the Surgery Management aware.

ps I remember when I carried out the ‘survey’ – I was subjected to verbal abuse from ‘members of public’ – not liking ‘someone’ recording registration plates – in a ‘private car park’ at the request of the PPG and Surgery.
Another case of no win situation.

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