On a lighter note – My Two Friends – Its Bedtime…..

160927-01-suntan        160927-timmy-03

Our very select ‘Club’ – a rare crew – of Tortoise owners – My Male & Female ‘Timmy’ & ‘Suntan’ – its bedtime once again – 40 years we have nurtured these reptiles, this year they appear to have done well in that Suntan gained 15 grams (Now 2466 Grams) and Timmy gained 12 grams (Now 709 Grams). Like all pets – there is a certain husbandry required in the well being of ‘our’ pets and we are always very pleased when they appear out of hibernation in the spring – having survived another year.
Friends ask me how old they are – I don’t know – as they were both Fully Adults when I acquired them – my guess is that Suntan is around 80-ish and Timmy is around 60-ish.
Nice life – Munch, Sleep, Munch, Sleep…..

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