Am I The Only One Concerned About The Closure of The Police Station

I’ve heard very little concern over the closure of Whittlesey Police Station – ‘Everyone’ appears that it is done and dusted….well yes….see the letter from the PCC below.
What the PCC does not explain is ‘how’ policing will look after the closure – he ‘will’ I can guarantee ‘spin’ a story from some Senior Officer – None of whom has ever ‘policed Whittlesey.
I can not overturn a decision made – my influence is pretty minor – our Town Council made very little noise over the closure and the Public in general are pretty apathetic over the decision.
That does not stop me carrying on a campaign of getting the correct level of policing for our area….I still maintain that ‘The Police’ are using incorrect crime statistics – they are totally oblivious to ALL none reported crime – which makes it even more important that ALL crime is reported irrespective of how minor it may seem.


This letter written by the PCC is in the public domain

Click on picture to enlarge.

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