WTC Planning Meeting Friday 23rd September 2016

I was the only member of the public attending!
There was a number of developer agents giving input to applications.
During the open public forum, I spoke on the subject of Developers not delivering on obtaining planning permission – many are ‘Land Banking’ – possibly waiting for better market conditions….however as we have seen with ‘Sainsburys/Bricklayers/St Marys
All have got cold feet sometime afterwards.

taylor-wimpeyThe largest development ‘still waiting’ is that of Taylor Wimpy project along Eastrea Road – One fact that came out was the expected S106 contribution – in this case towards education to Cambs CC. The proposed 169 properties would have to contribute some £2 Million – that equates to approx. £11,834 per property.
Another ‘issue’ being that some of the land would require ‘Pile Driving’
When Mr Struan Power was questioned about the mix of properties and especially those adjoining the Bellmans estate being bungalows, he was sympathetic but none committal.
The drawing he supplied was that of an outline plan and not in the public domain although I did see the drawing.
Whittlesey now waits again for full planning permission to be put in.
You can visit their website (Whittlesey) Click Here

Remember Whittlesey Town Council are consultees only on all planning applications within the area – the final decisions are made by FDC – Planning Committee on which there are some Whittlesey Councillors. 

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