Good Neighbourhood Watch Meeting

No smiling faces to photograph here! – No one happy in respect of our Police Station scheduled to close in October….. We’ve made our representations and like the ‘Brown Bin’
issue – NO ONE IS LISTENING…. Consultation near nil, Council noise near nil – so what to do….
We will carry on the best we can and we did help an elderly resident who had been ‘sold’ some suspect equipment and signed an equally suspect agreement for on-going payments of £100 a time – today resolved with her bank – a good result.
Only 1 new member through which again is somewhat discouraging – again we can only promote the best way we can…..

nhw-promo-16-01      nhw-promo-16-02
To find a great deal of information of what is happening in/around Whittlesey – Crime – Law & Order visit Whittlesey NHW

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