Other News from the Town Council Meeting 14th September

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

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I thought (incorrectly) there would be a ‘Big’ attendance at this months Town Council Meeting, especially with the Kings Dyke Crossing on the agenda? – Wrong – the ‘usual’ 7 or so ‘regulars’ turned up.
Mrs Deborah Slater gave a talk on progress of Defibrillators for All – It is going – really well, with 32 units installed around our area, including Turves, Coates and Eastrea. #33 is about to be installed on Abbey Way – Well done Deb – and her team –
The next project will be to have a Bus Screening program for younger people to screen Hearts – over 2 days at £5000 per day – 100 people a day screened but as Deborah quoted if that saves just one life it is well worth it. Lots of money raised by volunteers.

Mrs Cheryl Brook, The Interim Locality Manager gave a talk on Children Services within Cambs/Fenland, unfortunately we heard the usual – significant savings to be made by the organisation.

Whittlesey Post Office Modernisation – Has been delayed.

Financial allocations for various projects included £15,000 for professional services for supporting the ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ this money ‘could possibly’ be recovered at a later time if a grant was obtained.
Election costs (Last Years Election) were somewhat higher than previous elections, and some forward financial allocation may be required.
Manor Picnic Bench Damage 01As previously reported ‘allegedly’ some vandalism on the Picnic Benches in the Manor Field.
The quoted repair for this is £130 – so thanks to the ‘Alleged’ Yobs who did this damage –
Cllr Alan Bristow informed the meeting that there had been some ‘miss information’ (That’s something new?) about children having to be bussed to Peterborough as there are not enough places here at our Primary Schools. Cllr Bristow informed that there was capacity at our Primary Schools and that New Road School was making plans to enhance their intake. No children need to be bussed to Peterborough, in actual fact, several children from outside Whittlesey attend Sir Harry Smiths

FDC Environmental & CCTV Reports…
fdc-wtc-sept-01   fdc-wtc-sept-02   fdc-wtc-sept-03
fdc-wtc-sept-04   fdc-wtc-sept-05   fdc-wtc-sept-06
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A meeting about Hereward Community Rail Partnership will be posted up next item.

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