WTC Updated on Timetable for the Bridge – Kings Dyke

cllr-david-connorCllr David Connor (Cambs CC Chair of Planning) attended the WTC meeting last night (14th Sept).
He updated Councillors and members of the public attending.
1/ Planning permission has been granted.
2/ Delays caused by Land Access nearby the crossing.
3/ Hoped these delays can be resolved by November.
4/ Once resolved (above) hoped that the Tender process will be returned by Feb 2017
5/ Tender should be in place by March 2017
6/ Work ‘could’ begin July 2017
7/ Completion and opening March/July 2018
8/ Any further ‘slippage’ could push back and delay.

There was a ‘light hearted’ comment of  ‘What If’ another Must Farm’ was discovered?
Cllr Connor committed to keeping WTC informed as to any developments as they occur and was invited to attend WTC meeting regularly to update Councillors.

You can see David Connor profile on the FDC Website – Click Here
Photo © FDC

As I have posted before…irrespective of ‘Social Media’ comments, this is the most advanced of any scheme in the past 50 years, that is not to say ‘something’ may well go wrong….Lets put it in context – This bridge is not the ‘Golden Gate’ or ‘Forth Road Bridge’
It is something ‘we’ have all wanted for many generations….
Lets hope the ‘Ralph Butcher Bridge’ will be built and I hope Ralph gets the honour of being able to officially open the Bridge!!!!!

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