Bored Teenagers @ The Manor Field

Manor Picnic Bench Damage 01Late this afternoon, I witnessed what was the most serious/stupid thing for a long time.
Besides, ‘somebody/someone’ vandalising picnic benches which WTC very kindly installed for all to enjoy.
The Teenagers (about 6 or 7 of them) were ‘heating’ up deodorant canisters – then puncturing the can to set the whole can off like a projectile.
Now I am not sure if these ‘Teens’ can read or not – but there are normally warning signs on canisters about safe ‘disposing’.
I’ve just done a search on ‘You Tube’ and there are a number of Kids playing about with Manor Picnic Bench Damage 02Cigarette Lighters and various canisters….frightening.
I did inform the Teens of the potential extreme dangers they were playing with – whether it sank in or not I don’t know. I would hate to find out later that one or more had lost a limb or their sight.
Reported to our Police – maybe further education required….

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