Policing In Whittlesey – The Finale Approaches


Whittlesey Police Station 160609Mr Jason Ablewhite – The Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has now made it ‘official’ that Whittlesey Police Station will close for good.
I reported the very subject on this website on 29th June this year. I have been accused by a number of people, that I had got my facts incorrect ….Well I got the information direct from a Fenland Police Inspector – who said on 29th June that they were at the 90% of making a final decision – I would think that was pretty conclusive.
The PCC is looking at ways to reduce costs (Where have we heard this before). Cambs Police have an estate of around £35 million which cost around £4 million a year to run.
He states that there is a saving by selling or leasing police buildings that are underutilised or not needed then this seems sensible to do so.
Whittlesey Police Station is one of the buildings under review and, after careful consideration, the Constabulary determined it will not be required operationally and will be closed in October.

Now this is where Jason Ablewhite is incorrect in his assumptions.
He is under the impression that ‘we’ in Whittlesey have a full force of a Sergeant, PC and 2 PCSO’s…. well yes on paper – but in practice  – never. We are very lucky to see our PCSO (s) once in a blue moon!!!!! – yes I accept on a 999 situation the reactive offices can be on the scene within a fairly short time – depending on priorities.

Finally Jason Ablewhite states ‘Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me’ (His details are at the top of the page)

Another ‘nail’ for the residents of Whittlesey (Chatteris Police Station also closed).
As I have stated many times  – cuts – we have not seen the really BIG axe to come our way yet.
You may have read last weeks article about the possible (probable) cuts in Minor Injury Units, everyone is looking at ways of reducing costs.

Whittlesey Police Station opened on the 3rd of October 1968 and has served Whittlesey well for 48 years –

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