Report on the Doddington Meeting for Minor Injury Units

Steve Barclay 01Tracy Dowling – The Accountable Officer of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group – CCG had a no win chance of making a case last night.
I arrived at 18:30 and the venue was packed I got the last seat. I estimate in excess of 200+ attended, with many outside as there was no more space.
The meeting got off to a very heated start – with mainly Doddington residents complaining of the venue – the Village Hall which is larger was already booked.
MP Steve Barclay stood at the rear of the hall, the only other Whittlesey resident I saw was WTC Councillor Martin Curtis.
Tracy Dowling went through the Powerpoint presentation pretty quickly – and was frequently interrupted with questions not always about the subject that was on the agenda?  See below the presentation.
A great number of questions were put to Tracy Dowling and she very expertly answered them all – some not to the liking of some of the audience.
MC @ CCG MeetingMartin Curtis asked a question which I thought was a bit irrelevant as it concerned him being the ‘(Ex)Leader of Cambs CCC which is a bit historical now.
The CCG as a delivering group (Our own local GP Gary Howsan is now the Chairman) have inherited a £250 Million debt and overspend and the current management/committee have to address this.
The Cambs Times© has an in depth article today 24th August.

More information about the Cambs & Peterboro’ CCG can be found on this link Click Here
Earlier this year I have been to 3 other meeting regarding the CCG looking at ‘how’ they can save money….I accept no one wants to loose any services, but the do nothing option will only make things worse. Maybe our own Gary Howsan can work a miracle some how.

FDC’s leader John Clark along with Mike Cornwell, Will Sutton – in attendance there may have been others that I did not see.
From March Kit Own, Andrew Donnelly and Labour Councillor Martin Field.

The only time Steve Barclay spoke was a sentence to say that the Government had ‘Ring Fenced’ NHS funding – I think he was there to hear and listen to the concerns of the residents.

I dare say the say emotive meetings will take place at the other Towns being evaluated.

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