Another Consultation Done and Dusted

Consultation 3AI have been following with great interest the ‘possible’ closure of Minor Injury Units in Wisbech, Doddington and Ely.
Maybe people in Whittlesey think that if this goes ahead – it will no affect us here – Wrong….
There are around 40+ Thousand people in Wisbech alone – they will not all head for Kings Lynn – many will head towards Peterborough.
This puts even more strain on a service which at the least is struggling to cope now.
MP Steve Barclay has made some remarks and has received leaked information from a ‘whistleblower’ indicating that the only option is to close the MIU in all 3 places.

So is this yet another case where the ‘unelected’ make the decisions – then go out as they have – for a consultation – which looks like it gets binned?

I plan to attend and listen first hand to what the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) –
I expect the meeting to be ‘heated’

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