Happy Holidays – Clean & Tidy

As mentioned in my previous post – even though I have travelled to well over 100 countries, I am so, so impressed with the cleanliness and how proud the Canadians are in keeping their country so well kept – everywhere we have been (along with plenty of other tourists) the place is so CLEAN.
Every Lay by (100’s of them) has at least one toilet – yes FDC/CCC every Lay by – this is nothing new to them they’ve been doing this for many years.
Canada Toilets 1Believe it – every toilet has ‘Paper’  and a hand sanitizer – no one has defaced them, set fire to them or trashed them.

Come on councillors – time to up the act –
and get something like this at the Kings Delph Lay by – where humans regularly defecate by the roadside….
Stop telling me there is NO MONEY.

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